Artwork Guide

Please ensure you create artwork to the correct dimensions/specification for print. All print artwork must be provided CMYK, 300dpi (wide format 150dpi), with bleed and at the correct size. Please see individual product listings for specific print specification. Print dimensions below:


Business Cards

ProductPrint SizeBleed Size
Business Cards85 x 55mm91 x 61mm


ProductPrint SizeBleed Size
A5 Flyer148 x 210mm154 x 216mm
A6 Flyer105 x 148mm111 x 154mm
DL Flyer 99 x 210mm105 x 216mm

Folded Leaflets

ProductPrint SizeBleed Size
A5 fold to A6210 x 148mm216 x 154mm
A4 fold to DL (Trifold)297 x 210mm303 x 216mm
A4 fold to A5297 x 210mm303 x 216mm
A5 folded twice (Trifold)210 x 148mm216 x 154mm
A3 fold to A4420 x 297mm426 x 303mm
A3 folded twice (Trifold)420 x 297mm426 x 303mm


ProductPrint SizeBleed Size
A3297 x 420mm303 x 426mm
A2420 x 594mm426 x 600mm
A1594 x 841mm600 x 847mm
A0841 x 1189mm847 x 1195mm

Greeting Cards

ProductFinished SizeFlat SizeFlat Size with Bleed
Square Greeting Card148 x 148mm148 x 296mm154 x 302mm
A5 Greeting Card210mm x 148mm210mmx 297mm216 x 303mm
A6 Greeting Card148mm x 105mm148 x 210mm216 x 154mm

Roller Banners

ProductFinished SizeBleed Size
1000x2000mm Standard Banner1000 x 2000mm1006 x 2006mm
1000x2130mm Premium Banner1000 x 2130mm1006 x 2136mm
800x2000mm Standard Banner800 x 2000mm806 x 2006mm
800x2130mm Premium Banner800 x 2130mm806 x 2136mm
850x2000mm Standard Banner850 x 2000mm856 x 2006mm


ProductFinished SizeBleed Size
Postcard148 x 105mm154 x 111mm

Presentation Folders

ProductFinished SizeFlat SizeFlat Bleed Size
Oversized A4 Presentation File215 x 303mm430 x 303mm436mm x 309mm
Oversized A5 Presentation File155 x 217mm310 x 217mm316 x 223mm

Business Stationary

ProductFinished SizeBleed Size
Letterheads210 x 297mm216 x 303mm
Compliment Slips210 x 99mm105 x 216mm

Strut Cards

Product Finished SizeBleed Size
A4 Strut Card210 x 297mm216 x 303mm
A5 Strut Card148 x 210mm154 x 216mm

Exhibition Pop-Ups

ProductFinished SizeBleed Size
1x3 Exhibition Pop-Up2019mm x 2230mm 2025mm x 2236mm
2x3 Exhibition Pop-Up2692mm x 2230mm 2698mm x 2236mm
3x3 Exhibition Pop-Up3365mm x 2230mm 3371mm x 2236mm
4x3 Exhibition Pop-Up4038mm x 2230mm 4044mm x 2236mm